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You can drink juice concentrate at any moment of the day, and anywhere in the world! Thanks to Belgian Expat Shop, you can enjoy all the drinks you used to love back in Belgium. Simply order your fruit syrup, such as juice concentrate, online. Place the products in your shopping cart and we will ship them as soon as possible.

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  1. Vittel Mineral water for children without sparkling 8-pack
    Vittel Mineral water for children without sparkling 8-pack
    € 11.90 € 10.92
  2. Hipp Perzik appel granen bio (vanaf 6 maanden)
    Hipp Peaches, apple and grains organic (from 6 months)
    € 2.61 € 2.39
  3. Olvarit Vruchtendrank zonnevruchten
    Olvarit Fruit drink sun fruit (from 6 months)
    € 4.52 € 4.15
  4. Olvarit Instant drink fruit
    Olvarit Instant fruit drink (from 6 months)
    € 6.70 € 6.15
  5. Olvarit Drank boomgaard vruchten
    Olvarit Orchard fruit drink (from 6 months)
    € 4.52 € 4.15
products per page
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