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Dutch books for children

Do you want to raise your children bilingual? Then order the best Dutch-language children's books at Dutch Expat Shop. This way, your children can practice the Dutch language in a fun way. We ship every order as quickly and cheaply as possible. Besides Dutch books for children you’ll find many more Dutch and Belgian products on our website. Take a look at our thousands of other products!

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  1. Wreck this journal
    Wreck this journal
    € 25.77 € 23.64
  2. Het raadsel van alles wat leeft
    Het raadsel van alles wat leeft
    € 41.19 € 37.79
  3. De waanzinnige boomhut van 39 verdiepingen
    De waanzinnige boomhut van 39 verdiepingen
    € 25.77 € 23.64
  4. Fantasia IX, de fenomenale reis
    Fantasia IX, de fenomenale reis
    € 46.34 € 42.51
  5. Alice in Wonderland
    Alice in Wonderland
    € 36.05 € 33.07
  6. Het grote Fiep kijkboek
    Het grote Fiep kijkboek
    € 30.90 € 28.35
  7. Het leven van een loser - deel 7 - Zwaar de klos!
    Het leven van een loser - deel 7 - Zwaar de klos!
    € 25.77 € 23.64
  8. Jip & Janneke Boek
    Jip and Janneke Book
    € 38.71 € 31.99
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The best Dutch books for kids

Reading is important, especially for children. It makes them smart and happy. Reading to your kids is also good. It is always fun to read to small children or to let them read Dutch books themselves. It also has a relaxing effect. Let your child live in a completely different world for a while. Reading a book stimulates the imagination. Another great advantage is that reading increases children's vocabulary. And the overall language development also benefits from it. Enough reasons to buy nice Dutch books for kids at Dutch Expat Shop.

Het leven van een loser and Jip en Janneke books are loved by many children. These books are very fun to read. Alice in Wonderland is another example of a book that lets the imagination come to life. Are you looking for a book in which there is a lot to see? Then choose het grote Fiep kijkboek! There is plenty to discover here.

Dutch books

If you are abroad and looking for Dutch books for kids you have come to the right place. Order them easily and quickly via Dutch Expat Shop. With us you will find the best books by different authors. Are you specifically looking for products? Use the handy filter option on the page. Is the product you are looking for not listed? Let us know, we will be happy to see what we can do for you.

Online shopping

A description is included with each product, so that you know exactly what you are buying and will not be faced with any surprises afterwards. Have you found nice Dutch books? Place it in your online shopping basket and checkout in our safe environment. Children's books and many more Dutch products are all available at Dutch Expat Shop.

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