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Welcome at Dutch Expat Shop's website. Dutch Expat Shop is a webshop where you can order over 27.000 typically Dutch and typically Belgian products online with worldwide delivery. From now on Typical Dutch Stuff is a part of Dutch Expat Shop. You can visit the website of Typical Dutch Stuff (www.typicaldutchstuff.com) right now where you can also order your favorite Dutch and Belgian products there. The service will be still the same! Thank you very much and do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service: customerservice@dutchexpatshop.com

Dutch Expat Shop / Belgian Expat Shop

  • 1. Over 25.000 Dutch and Belgian products
  • 2. More than 2.000 real brands
  • 3. Best prices on the market
  • 4. The lowest shipping tariffs
  • 5. Immediately available worldwide
  • 6. Fully secured up to € 500 and 100% delivery guarantee
  • 7. Safe and secure
  • 8. Outstanding customer service rated with a 9.3
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