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Mmmora at Dutch Expat Shop

We all know the slogan “Mmm from Mora”. And even when you’re abroad, you just want to be able to eat your favorite Mora snack. The only problem is that they probably don’t sell it where you are. So now what? No worries, at Dutch Expat Shop, you can simply order your favorite snacks online. From croquettes to frikandels, we’ve got you covered. But how do we ship a frozen Mora snack across the continent? We will tell you all about it, and about Mora, in this blog.

Baby milk powder

When living abroad, nothing feels more comfortable than having your own trusted products at your side. At Dutch Expat Shop we offer you a wide variety of baby milk products. After all, a healthy and balanced nutrition is the key ingredient in the development of your baby. In our webshop we offer you different brands of baby formulae. To understand our vision, we’d like to explain you more about these brands in the blog below..