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Ordering Dutch products in Ireland

The Dutch cuisine is not on top of most of the culinary rankings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t long to some of the typical Dutch treats. If you think of Dutch food the first things that come to mind are probably drop (licorice) and stroopwafels. And you’ve probably heard about the strange habit of eating chocolate sprinkles or hagelslag for breakfast. If you live in Ireland and you’ve tried it before and want to enjoy it again, or if you are curious how it tastes, please read this blog.

Ordering Dutch products in France

The Dutch kitchen is not exactly known for its finesse, yet there are many Dutch people living abroad who occasionally long for well-known Dutch products. Think of a fresh white sandwich with chocolate sprinkles or a sandwich with a Unox sausage and honey mustard sauce. Wondering how you, as an expat in France, can still get these Dutch products? Read on!

Dutch food in Canada

Though there are some stores in Canada that sell Dutch products, it is not always easy to get food from the Netherlands. Do you live and work in Canada and do you miss the Dutch sandwiches of Calvé, Nutelle or de Ruijter? We have the solution for you. At Dutch Expat Shop you can easily order your favorite Dutch food in Canada. So you will never have to feel homesick for a peanut butter sandwich again. Besides sandwiches, you will also find other Dutch classics on our webshop.

Dutch food in the USA

Order Dutch food in USA

There is nothing so Dutch as a Dutchman complaining about our own little country. Yet in many ways it is very pleasant to stay here. You only really notice this when you are away from home for a long time, for example for work or when you are going to emigrate. Abroad you will have to deal with things that are less pleasant than here. Abroad, for example in the USA, you can't enjoy your favorite Dutch products everywhere. The food tastes different abroad. Curious about what Dutch products expats in the USA miss? You can read it in this blog!

Dutch food in the UK

The Netherlands is the land of tulips and windmills. The Dutch walk on clogs and use their bikes every hour of the day. An evening meal consists of potatoes, meat and veggies, and they have breakfast with bread and chocolate sprinkles. Isn't that right? It can be the little things that make you long back to this small country. People who stay abroad for a long time know all about it. Are you curious to find out how you can get hold of typically Dutch things abroad as well? Think for example of Dutch food in the UK? Then read on! 

Dutch Festival food

This is how you survive a Dutch festival: food and drinks

Summer. The season of holidays, good weather, drinks on the terrace and festivals. The festival season starts in the summer and that makes this season even more fun. Are you going to a festival in the Netherlands soon? Then there are a number of snacks that should not be missing. In the past the food at festivals could be counted on one hand, but nowadays this is different. Want to know what you really need to taste? Read on!

Father's Day all over the world

Father's Day all over the world

Every third Sunday of June we are celebrating Father's Day in the Netherlands. This means that next Sunday 21 June it will be Father's Day again. We use this day to thank our fathers. The fathers are treated with a breakfast or bed or are given different gifts from their children. Father's Day is not only meant for your biological father, but also for everyone who has taken on the father role. For example, this can also be a stepfather. Curious about when Father's Day is be celebrated all over the world? You can read it in this blog!

Dutch treats: Pancakes and poffertjes

Dutch treats

Dutch pancakes and poffertjes, the Dutchmen love it! In the Netherlands there are numerous pancake houses where the menu of the pancake house revolves around these Dutch treats. In addition, since 2007 there is even a National Pancake Day in the Netherlands. How can you, wherever in the world you may live, taste these Dutch treats? Read all about it in this blog.

What you did not know about stroopwafels

Who doesn't know it? The well-known Dutch stroopwafel. The syrup waffle, originally called stroopwafel, is originally Dutch. The stroopwafels were made in Gouda in the nineteenth century, which is why they are also known as the Gouda waffle. In the meantime, the stroopwafel is not only very well known in the Netherlands, but it is talked about worldwide and they are even sold across the border. We will tell you more about it.

Festive orange bites and snacks to celebrate Dutch King’s Day!

Orange everywhere! On Monday, the 27th of April, we celebrate the birthday of our Dutch king nationwide. The royal family celebrates this special day with us, because King Willem-Alexander and his family visit a different Dutch town every year. The city in question and the surrounding places can present themselves here in a festive and characteristic way. For example by means of a parade or various performances. In addition, the Royal Family meets the public along the route. In other parts of the Netherlands the party also starts. Flea markets are held and festivals are organized. The whole country is in a festive mood with orange clothing and several accessories.