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Did you use to love eating Dutch waffle cookies back in The Netherlands? Or are you dying to eat a sandwich with Dutch chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag) once more? It is possible! At Dutch Expat Shop, the online Dutch store, you can buy all kinds of Dutch food online and have them delivered to your place of residence abroad. Enjoy over 400 well-known brands at the lowest prices. Introduce your international colleagues to Dutch rusk with “mice” to celebrate the birth of your child. Have a look at our enormous assortment and make your choice. From Dutch waffle cookies to chocolate sprinkles, you can buy all your Dutch food directly online!

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  1. Skittles Mini's
    Skittles Minis
    € 2.65 € 2.43
  2. Skittles Fruit zak
    Skittles Fruit bag
    € 2.50 € 2.29
  3. Lemco Salmiak lollies
    Lemco Salmiac lollipops
    € 2.67 € 2.45
  4. Cardini's Vinaigrette original ceasar
    Cardini's Vinaigrette original ceasar
    € 5.94 € 5.45
  5. Cardini's Original caesar dressing
    Cardini's Original caesar dressing
    € 5.19 € 4.76
  6. Cardini's Slaversierders honey mustard
    Cardini's Salad decoration honey mustard
    € 5.37 € 4.93
  7. Gift package "Little pancakes"
    Gift package "Little pancakes"
    € 49.95 € 41.28
  8. Alpro Amandeldrink ongezoet
    Alpro Almond drink unsweetened (for your own risk)
    € 4.98 € 4.57
  9. Alpro Amandeldrink original
    Alpro Almond drink original (for your own risk)
    € 4.87 € 4.47
  10. Alpro Lekker gezond smeren groot
    Alpro Butter spread large
    € 3.22 € 2.95
  11. Alpro Sojadrink choco
    Alpro Soy drink chocolate (for your own risk)
    € 4.31 € 3.95
  12. Alpro Dessert vanille
    Alpro Dessert vanilla (for your own risk)
    € 2.84 € 2.61
  13. Alpro Sojadrink ongezoet (1 liter)
    Alpro Soy drink unsweetened (for your own risk)
    € 3.84 € 3.52
  14. Alpro Soya cuisine
    Alpro Soy cuisine (for your own risk)
    € 2.56 € 2.35
  15. Alpro Kokosnootdrink origina
    Alpro Coconut drink original (for your own risk)
    € 4.51 € 4.14
  16. Alpro Soya groeidrink
    Alpro Soy drink growing up (for your own risk)
    € 4.31 € 3.95
  17. Alpro Sojadrink rode vruchten
    Alpro Soy drink red fruit (for your own risk)
    € 4.24 € 3.89
  18. Alpro Dessert vanille 4-pack
    Alpro Dessert vanilla 4-pack (for your own risk)
    € 3.68 € 3.38
  19. Alpro Sojadrink choco 3-pack
    Alpro Soy drink chocolate 3-pack (for your own risk)
    € 4.13 € 3.79
  20. Alpro Sojadrink rode vruchten 3-pack
    Alpro Soy drink red fruit 3-pack (for your own risk)
    € 3.70 € 3.39
  21. Alpro Sojadrink vanille
    Alpro Soy drink vanilla (for your own risk)
    € 4.35 € 3.99
  22. Alpro Sojadrink original 3-pack
    Alpro Soy drink original 3-pack (for your own risk)
    € 4.02 € 3.69
  23. Alpro Dessert dark chocolate 4-pack
    Alpro Dessert dark chocolate 4-pack (for your own risk)
    € 3.59 € 3.29
  24. Alpro Sojadrink banaan 3-pack
    Alpro Soy drink banana 3-pack (for your own risk)
    € 4.01 € 3.68
  25. Alpro Lekker gezond smeren klein
    Alpro Butter spread small
    € 1.94 € 1.78
  26. Alpro Lekker gezond en gezond keuken
    Alpro Delicious and healthy cuisine
    € 3.48 € 3.19
  27. Alpro Sojadrink origina
    Alpro Soy drink original (for your own risk)
    € 3.85 € 3.53
  28. Alpro Dessert chocolade
    Alpro Dessert chocolate (for your own risk)
    € 2.77 € 2.54
  29. Alpro Kokosnoot-amandel drink
    Alpro Coconut-almond drink (for your own risk)
    € 4.96 € 4.55
  30. Alpro Cuisine soya light
    Alpro Cuisine soy light (for your own risk)
    € 2.82 € 2.59
  31. Alpro Cuisine soya op te kloppen
    Alpro Cuisine soy for whipped cream (for your own risk)
    € 2.91 € 2.67
  32. Alpro Sojadrink light
    Alpro Soy drink light (for your own risk)
    € 4.24 € 3.89
  33. Alpro Dessert caramel
    Alpro Dessert caramel (for your own risk)
    € 2.66 € 2.44
  34. Alpro Lekker gezond smeren light
    Alpro Butter spread light
    € 2.17 € 1.99
  35. Alpro Rijstdrink original
    Alpro Rice drink original (for your own risk)
    € 4.23 € 3.88
  36. Alpro Haverdrink original
    Alpro Oat drink original (for your own risk)
    € 4.35 € 3.99
  37. Alpro Amandeldrink ongezoet ongeroosterd
    Alpro Almond drink unsweetened and unroasted (for your own risk)
    € 4.87 € 4.47
  38. Alpro Drinks original coconut 3-pack
    Alpro Coconut drink original 3-pack (for your own risk)
    € 5.00 € 4.59
  39. Alpro Soja cuisine 2-pack
    Alpro Soy cuisine 2-pack (for your own risk)
    € 5.32 € 4.88
  40. Alpro Soja cuisine light 2-pack
    Alpro Soy cuisine light 2-pack (for your own risk)
    € 5.32 € 4.88
  41. Alpro Soya bakken en braden 75% vet
    Alpro Soy baking and frying 75% fat
    € 3.54 € 3.25
  42. Alpro Cuisine kokosnoot
    Alpro Cuisine coconut (for your own risk)
    € 3.26 € 2.99
  43. Alpro Soja om te smeren light 25% vet
    Alpro Soy spread light 25% fat
    € 2.82 € 2.59
  44. Alpro Soja om te smeren 38% vet groot
    Alpro Soy spread 38% fat large
    € 3.70 € 3.39
  45. Alpro Soja om te smeren 38% vet klein
    Alpro Soy spread 38% fat small
    € 2.43 € 2.23
  46. Alpro Drinks soja vanille 3-pack
    Alpro Soy drink vanilla 3-pack (for your own risk)
    € 4.35 € 3.99
  47. Alpro Drinks soya calcium
    Alpro Soy drink calcium (for your own risk)
    € 3.91 € 3.59
  48. Alpro Drink intenz ongezoet
    Alpro Intense drink unsweetened (for your own risk)
    € 4.52 € 4.15
  49. Alpro Drink soya mild
    Alpro Soy drink mild (for your own risk)
    € 4.31 € 3.95
  50. Arla Lactosevrije roomkaas
    Arla Lactofree cream cheese (for your own risk)
    € 3.99 € 3.66
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Dutch favorites

Looking for the best Dutch foods to buy? The Dutch have a few favorites. Even though The Netherlands is not known for its cuisine, you should at least try some of the tradional Dutch food items. Some Dutch food favorites available at Dutch Expat Shop are cheese, licorice, stroopwafel, peanut butter, poffertjes, frikandellen, kroketten, pancakes and hagelslag. Not sure where to find these Dutch food favorites? Type them into our search bar. This way you’ll find the Dutch foods you are looking for.

Typical Dutch food

Every province in the Netherlands has its own unique regional Dutch products. In the province Limburg, for instance, you can enjoy the delicious regional vlaai (fruit tart), and in Zeeland you should definitely try a Zeeuwse Bolus (sweet pastry). The Dutch like to serve dishes in the winter like erwtensoep (pea soup) and stamppot (mashed potatoes and veg). Last but not least there are several popular Dutch foods for Dutch Holidays. They like to eat tompouce on King’s Day, oliebollen for New Year’s Eve, and pepernoten for Sinterklaas.

Belgian and Dutch foods

Order typical Dutch foods at our webshop. If you live abroad and are homesick for certain Dutch and Belgian products, Dutch Expat Shop is the shop you need. With our webshop we make sure that you will never feel homesick again for the typical Dutch products you used to buy in the Netherlands. We offer more than 15,000 typical Dutch products and another 10,000 typical Belgian products. You can easily and quickly order all products online. Dutch Expat Shop will then send all typical Dutch products, including Dutch food, to you abroad. It is even possible to have your package delivered within 4 working days, wherever in this world you may live. That is why Dutch Expat Shop is the Dutch store that takes away all your worries.

Order Dutch food online

Look at our range Dutch foods and make your choice, you can easily order the desired products online. Do you have any questions about Dutch food or would you like to know more about our service? Feel free to contact our customer service. They can tell you much more about our products and service, to answer all your questions. Do you have any particular wishes? Please contact our customer service. Even when you can’t find your favorite Dutch food within our assortment right now we will do our utmost to make sure you’re satisfied.

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