Holland rusk is delicious from time to time. Yet it is not always easy to find Holland Rusk bread when you are abroad. These crispy substitutes for bread are not necessarily known all over the world. Fortunately, with the Dutch Expat Shop you can easily and safely buy your favorite Dutch rusk anywhere in the world. Whether you like wholemeal Holland rusk, regular Holland rusk, Bolletje's Holland rusk or rusks from another brand. In our assortment we have many different kinds of Holland rusks, big chance that your favorite is among them. Take a look in our web shop!

What can you do with Holland rusk?

What is Holland rusk? Holland rusk is an almost antique product if you ask us. It originated when mankind started taking long field trips and looked for a way to ensure that bread would not decay so quickly. By baking the bread twice, mold and dehydration were prevented. This twice-baked bread was the very beginning of what Holland rusk is today. Holland rusk is a very traditional food in the Netherlands. Although it is a cheap product now, it used to be a real luxury product. For example, it is still used today when celebrating a newborn. The Holland rusk is then topped with sprinkles in blue or pink to show the visitors if the newborn is a boy or a girl. The Holland rusk is nowadays still often used as a substitute for a cracker or for bread. The Dutch rusk is delicious with a slice of cheese or spread with jam. Do you want to celebrate your newborn with visitors abroad in a real traditional Dutch way? You can now order your rusks from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of the Dutch Expat Shop

Buying your favorite rusks at the Dutch Expat Shop comes with many advantages. For instance, if you are within the European Union, your Holland rusk will arrive within a few business days. We also offer worldwide shipping at the lowest costs and a 100% delivery guarantee. Your order is also insured up to an amount of 500 euros, so ordering at the Dutch Expat Shop is very safe and secure. Do you crave any other items besides your favorite Holland rusk? Take a look at our web shop! We have a wide range of over 27.000 different products from more than 2000 brands. Who knows, you might find more Dutch or Belgian products that you would like to have over there.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the products we offer or feel free to contact us. You can fill in the online contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible! Also, please let us know if you would like to see certain Dutch or Belgian products or brands added to our store. We love to expand our assortment with all your favorite Dutch and Belgium goods!

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  1. Bolletje Real rusks
    Bolletje Real rusks
    € 2.22 € 2.04
  2. Bolletje Wholegrain rusks
    Bolletje Wholegrain rusks
    € 2.22 € 2.04
  3. Bolletje Farmers dark wholegrain rusks
    Bolletje Farmers dark wholegrain rusks
    € 2.88 € 2.64
  4. Bolletje Farmers grains and seeds rusks
    Bolletje Farmers grains and seeds rusks
    € 2.99 € 2.74
  5. Damhert Nutrition Gluten free rusks biscottes
    Damhert Nutrition Gluten free rusks biscottes
    € 4.96 € 4.55
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