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You will find all kinds of Dutch souvenirs in our online shop. Souvenirs are nice to surprise your family or friends abroad with or to order for yourself and make your home a bit more Dutch. You can order all the best souvenirs from Holland. From Delft blue clogs to cheese and bird houses, all for the lowest prices. Moreover, our shipping costs to foreign countries are also super cheap!

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  1. Klompsloffen Tulpen
    Clog slippers Tulips
    € 30.43 € 25.15
  2. Klompsloffen Boeren geel
    Clog slippers Farmers yellow
    € 30.43 € 25.15
  3. Klompsloffen Tulp Delfts blauwe molen
    Clog slippers Tulip Delfts blue mill
    € 30.43 € 25.15
  4. Klompsloffen Tulp rode molen
    Clog slippers Tulip red mill
    € 30.43 € 25.15
  5. Klompsloffen Baby Nijntje blauw
    Clog slippers Baby Nijntje blue
    € 30.43 € 25.15
  6. Klompsloffen Baby Nijntje oranje
    Clog slippers Baby Nijntje orange
    € 30.43 € 25.15
  7. Draagklompen van hout Blank gelakte tulpen
    Clogs Blank with tulips
    € 72.78 € 60.15
  8. Draagklompen van hout Blauwe tulpen
    Clogs Blue tulips
    € 60.68 € 50.15
  9. Draagklompen van hout Gele transparante bies
    Clogs Yellow transparant bies
    € 48.58 € 40.15
  10. Tulpenlaarzen kinderen
    Tulip boots children
    € 40.20 € 33.22
  11. Kentekenplaat I Love Amsterdam hartjes
    Licence plate I Love Amsterdam with hearts
    € 19.18 € 15.85
  12. Vogelhuis Grachtenhuis Amsterdam
    Bird house Canal house Amsterdam
    € 36.25 € 29.96
  13. Jumbo Max Verstappen race car
    Jumbo Max Verstappen race car
    € 25.19 € 20.82
  14. Order products via / Hema / Zalando / Amazon / Coolblue / Kruidvat / Gall / Marktplaats / Bruna / Intertoys / Drankgigant / Blokker / Etos / Wehkamp / Own Package
    Order products via / Hema / Zalando / Amazon / Coolblue / Kruidvat / Gall / Marktplaats / Bruna / Intertoys / Drankgigant / Blokker / Etos / Wehkamp / Own Package
    € 9.95 € 9.95
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Best souvenirs from Holland

What do you immediately think of with typical Dutch products? Are they clogs, windmills or tulips? You can find it all in the Dutch Expat Shop assortment. For example, slippers with tulips on them for children. We also sell various clogs. Garden clogs, but also slippers in the shape of these wooden shoes. Of course Delft blue clogs should not be missing from the collection either.

Focused search

Do you already have something in your head that you would like to give as a souvenir? We try to fill our assortment with all kinds of souvenirs from Holland. This is also the reason why we continuously supplement the webshop with articles. Do you want to find what you are looking for quickly? Then use our handy search function at the top of the page. Enter your search query here and all items that match your description will appear on the screen.

Order Holland souvenirs

Do you want to give something Dutch as a present? Then our souvenirs are right for you. In addition to this category you will find more than 25,000 Dutch and Belgian products. You will always have your favorite products at hand, wherever you may live. All packages are fully insured. Take advantage of our low prices and competitive shipping costs. Would you like to know more about a certain product or do you have a question? Do not hesitate and contact the customer service of Dutch Expat Shop. We are happy to help you.

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