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At Belgian Expat Shop, you will find everything you need to make those special Belgian recipes. You will find ingredients for soup from Belgium, but also everything you need to make those delicious Belgian waffles. And you can order it all with just a few clicks of your mouse. And thanks to our fast and easy delivery, you will be enjoying your favorite soup in no time!

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  1. Maggi Smaakverfijner N3
    Maggi Seasoning N3
    € 2.71 € 2.49
  2. Marius Bernard Provencal rouille
    Marius Bernard Provencal rouille
    € 3.26 € 2.99
  3. Quality Food Products Fine rouille
    Quality Food Products Fine rouille
    € 5.88 € 5.39
  4. Oxo Beef bouillon
    Oxo Beef bouillon
    € 6.21 € 5.70
  5. Herrmann Back-erbsen soup
    Herrmann Back-erbsen soup
    € 2.89 € 2.65
  6. Flodor Crusts fine herbs
    Flodor Crusts fine herbs
    € 2.34 € 2.15
  7. Flodor Bread croutons natural
    Flodor Bread croutons natural
    € 2.34 € 2.15
  8. Zwan Soepballetjes
    Zwan Soup balls
    € 4.02 € 3.69
products per page
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At this moment our Belgian assortment will not be available anymore due to the Corona virus. Also our toilet paper and baking products are out of stock!

In addition, it is currently not possible to order frozen products.

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