Feeding Bottles from Holland

Feeding Bottles from Holland

Baby bottles from Holland

Do you find that your baby doesn't drink well from the feeding bottles that are available abroad? We have experienced that not every baby drinks from every feeding bottle with the same ease. That’s why we have made the baby bottles from Holland of the brand Avent available worldwide. Order the baby bottles from Holland online and we will deliver them to you, wherever in this world you may live.

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  1. Avent Zuigfles natural
    Avent Feeding bottle natural
    € 13.78 € 11.39
  2. Avent Natural blauw zuigfles
    Avent Natural blue feeding bottle
    € 15.72 € 12.99
  3. Avent Tuitbeker blauw pinguin
    Avent Blue penguin cup with spout
    € 12.93 € 10.69
  4. Avent Tuitbeker roze pinguin
    Avent Pink penguin cup with spout
    € 12.93 € 10.69
  5. Avent Zuigfles classic
    Avent Classical feeding bottle
    € 10.76 € 8.89
  6. Avent Natural zuigfles olifant jongen
    Avent Natural feeding bottle elephant boy
    € 15.72 € 12.99
  7. Avent Natural fles klein
    Avent Natural feeding bottle small
    € 12.81 € 10.59
  8. Avent Zuigfles
    Avent Baby's bottle
    € 10.03 € 8.29
  9. Avent Natural fles groot
    Avent Natural feeding bottle large
    € 21.04 € 17.39
  10. Avent Voedingsfles
    Avent Feeding bottle
    € 13.06 € 10.79
  11. Avent Natural zuigfles olifant meisje
    Avent Natural feeding bottle elephant girl
    € 15.72 € 12.99
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Assortment of feeding bottles

Within our assortment you will find different sorts of baby bottles from Holland, all of them are Avent bottles. While looking for a suitable feeding bottle, you need to pay attention to several points. First of all, it is important to look at the size of the bottle. Do you prefer a small feeding bottle, a medium sized one or perhaps a large feeding bottle? The choice is yours. Another point you should take a good look at is the age from which the baby bottles from Holland are suitable for. For example, there are bottles that are suitable for babies from 1 month onwards. Always read the description of a feeding bottle carefully. There may also be a difference in terms of design. For example, we have basic feeding bottles in a neutral version, but we also have pink and blue version. Does your kid like a penguin or elephant one? A colorful or a plain one? Which one do you like the most? The choice is yours. Choose between the different baby bottles from holland.

Benefits of Dutch Expat Shop

When you buy your baby bottles from Holland at Dutch Expat Shop, you will benefit from several advantages. Besides the fact that we offer various baby bottles from Holland, you can also come to us for other products that you normally buy in the Netherlands:

  • 2,000 real brands
  • Nowhere else cheaper
  • Low shipping costs
  • Fast delivery time
  • Fully insured up to € 500 and 100% delivery guarantee
  • Safe and trusted
  • Excellent customer service rated with a 9.1

Order baby bottles from Holland online

Did you find a suitable Dutch baby feeding bottle for your baby? Place your order online today and we'll make sure your order is delivered to your home as soon as possible. Any questions about baby bottles from holland or our service? Feel free to contact our customer service. We’ll answer your questions within 24 hours.

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