You will find a poffertjes stand at almost every market or fair in The Netherlands. But Dutch pancakes abroad? You will almost never find pancakes or poffertjes. Luckily, Dutch Expat Shop comes prepared with our instant Dutch pancake mix. Of course, you will also find your syrup and powdered sugar here. Search no longer, order directly online!

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  1. Gift package "Little pancakes"
    Gift package "Little pancakes"
    € 50.32 € 41.59
  2. Consenza Pancake mix
    Consenza Pancake mix
    € 4.91 € 4.50
  3. Smaakt Organic buckwheat pancake mix
    Smaakt Organic buckwheat pancake mix
    € 4.14 € 3.80
  4. Peak's Gluten free pancakes shaker
    Peak's Gluten free pancakes shaker
    € 4.69 € 4.30
  5. Peak's Gluten free American pancake mix
    Peak's Gluten free American pancake mix
    € 6.43 € 5.90
  6. Van Gilse Sugar powder
    Van Gilse Sugar powder
    € 2.71 € 2.49
  7. Van Gilse Original syrup
    Van Gilse Original syrup
    € 3.79 € 3.48
  8. Van Gilse Organic cocos blossom syrup
    Van Gilse Organic cocos blossom syrup
    € 6.10 € 5.60
  9. Van Gilse Syrup pen pancake syrup
    Van Gilse Syrup pen pancake syrup
    € 3.60 € 3.30
  10. Van Gilse Caramel syrup
    Van Gilse Caramel syrup
    € 4.03 € 3.70
  11. Koopmans Original pancakes
    Koopmans Original pancakes
    € 2.89 € 2.65
  12. Koopmans Multigrain pancakes
    Koopmans Multigrain pancakes
    € 3.00 € 2.75
  13. Koopmans Pancakes complete
    Koopmans Pancakes complete
    € 3.00 € 2.75
  14. Koopmans Whole grain pancakes
    Koopmans Whole grain pancakes
    € 3.11 € 2.85
  15. Koopmans Grandmothers pancakes with cinnamon
    Koopmans Grandmothers pancakes with cinnamon
    € 3.27 € 3.00
  16. Koopmans Organic multigrain pancakes
    Koopmans Organic multigrain pancakes
    € 3.59 € 3.29
  17. Koopmans Gluten free pancakes
    Koopmans Gluten free pancakes
    € 4.44 € 4.07
  18. Koopmans Original little pancakes
    Koopmans Original little pancakes
    € 3.49 € 3.20
  19. Koopmans Original pancakes shaker
    Koopmans Original pancakes shaker
    € 3.05 € 2.80
  20. Koopmans Complete pancakes shaker
    Koopmans Complete pancakes shaker
    € 3.27 € 3.00
  21. Koopmans Dwarf pancake flour
    Koopmans Dwarf pancake flour
    € 4.23 € 3.88
  22. Koopmans Multigrain pancakes shaker
    Koopmans Multigrain pancakes shaker
    € 4.05 € 3.72
  23. Koopmans Vegan pancakes
    Koopmans Vegan pancakes
    € 3.49 € 3.20
  24. Koopmans Protein pancake mix shaker
    Koopmans Protein pancake mix shaker
    € 4.05 € 3.72
products per page
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Dutch pancake mixes

The best pancakes are self-baked and arguably the best pancakes are Dutch. So take your pick out of all our different pancake mixes and get cooking! We offer you several mixes from traditional pancake mixes to the typical Dutch poffertjes. Are you more of a lazy cook then the shaker bottles are the perfect fit for you. You will only need some milk to add to it, shake the bottle and throw it in your pan. Easy as that!

Top off your pancakes

If you’ve baked the perfect pancake it just needs one more special touch to top it off. Depending on your taste or your appetite you can add some syrup to it or throw some sugar powder over it. Either way, you can order it here at Dutch Expat Shop. Have you picked your favourite topping yet?

Typically Dutch

Nothing more Dutch than our small pancakes called poffertjes. So besides the poffertjes mix we also offer you a special gift package including a pan specifically made to bake them. And of course there is also some poffertjes mix, syrup and sugar powder added to the gift. Perfect to give a way or to use for yourself of course!

Order pancake products online

You can order your Dutch pancake products online and we will make sure you will receive them as soon as possible, wherever you live! In our shop you can find much more than pancake products, so be sure to check the rest of our Dutch and Belgian products as well. With more than 27.000 products there is probably more you like.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our pancake products or other Dutch food please let us know. Fill in the online contact form and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. We are always looking for new products and brands to add, so you’re suggestions are more than welcome!