Dutch table games

From Monopoly tot Dutch card games, do you think back nostalgically to the evenings you played Old Dutch table games? This and many others Dutch board games you will find at Dutch Expat Shop. This way, wherever you are, you can always find your favorite Dutch game to play. Many evenings of fun gaming with fellow-expats guaranteed!

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Dutch card games or Monopoly?

Do you miss it too, a nice old-fashioned game of Ganzenbord or Monopoly? No worries. Dutch Expat Shop offers a wide range of games from the Netherlands. You can play these anytime and anywhere on the world. A real classic is Ganzenbord. Over the years the board has undergone some changes but the game has remained the same. The goal is to make the goose with which you play get as fast as possibly to the end of the board. The board game has a number of spaces that you can use again put it back, like the well and jail. I'm sure you know Monopoly. It's one of the best-selling board games worldwide! In addition to these games, our offer includes many games from the Netherlands. From Party & Co to 30 seconds and Twister.

Online benefits

The benefits of shopping at Dutch Expat Shop? Our assortment is very broad. We have no less than 25,000 Dutch and Belgian products from more than 2,000 well-known brands. This means we also have your favorite Dutch table games. We supply our products all over the world. Order your favorites from home easily online, and we will deliver them to your home as soon as possible, wherever in the world you may live. So after ordering you can quickly enjoy your favorite Dutch card games again.

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Have you looked at our assortment and found a nice game from the Netherlands? Ordering Dutch board games at Dutch Expat Shop is very easy. Within a few clicks your order is, and we'll make sure it's delivered to you as soon as possible. To quickly find what you are looking for, you can use our handy search function at the top of the page. Would you like to know more about one of our board games or do you have another question? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us with our customer service.