Belgian pancakes, who doesn't know them? These delicious golden-brown discs are everything your heart desires on a sunny weekend morning. How do you like your Belgian pancakes? Do you eat them with jam? With syrup or icing sugar? Or are you a fan of savory Belgian pancakes and do you go for a cheese or bacon Belgian pancake? You can find all the ingredients you need to make the most delicious Belgian mini pancake at the Dutch Expat Shop. With our fantastic delivery conditions, the ingredients for your Belgium pancakes will be delivered quickly and at the lowest price. Do not wait any longer and order everything you need for this delicious breakfast at the Dutch Expat Shop!

Surprise your roomies with Belgian pancakes

Surprising your roomies with home-made Belgian pancakes is an absolute must. How nice it is when someone surprises you with pancakes. Why not be the one to surprise other people? Everyone will be happy with you and you can enjoy Belgian pancakes yourself. You can choose to make different kinds of Belgian pancakes. Put different kinds of fruit on the table, different fillings and make it a true pancake feast. Whatever Belgian pancakes are your favorite. You can find the right ingredients for your Belgian pancakes at the Dutch Expat Shop, guaranteed.

The advantages of shopping at the Dutch Expat Shop

Not everywhere in the world do you have the right kind of flour or the right ready-made pancake batter to prepare the best Belgian pancakes. That is why Dutch Expat Shop has a wide range of different Belgian pancake mixes. Whatever your preference, Dutch Expat Shop has it in stock. When you order your Belgian pancake ingredients at the Dutch Expat Shop, you can be sure that your order will be delivered anywhere in the world and that they will investigate the cheapest way of shipping. This way you can enjoy the delicious Belgian pancakes as cheaply and quickly as possible. Whether you want to eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can buy the ingredients for the Belgian pancakes easily and safely at the Dutch Expat Shop.


Is your favorite Belgian pancake batter still missing from our assortment? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are always open to suggestions regarding our range. With 27000 products of more than 2000 different brands, we would like to provide the widest possible range. Please fill in our online contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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  1. Dr. Oetker Pancake preparation small
    Dr. Oetker Pancake preparation small
    € 3.01 € 2.76
  2. Dr. Oetker Pancake mix
    Dr. Oetker Pancake mix
    € 4.75 € 4.36
  3. Dr. Oetker Pancake preparation large
    Dr. Oetker Pancake preparation large
    € 5.01 € 4.60
  4. Niamh Spelt pancake mix with chocolate drops
    Niamh Spelt pancake mix with chocolate drops
    € 5.12 € 4.70
  5. Thiriez Agro Organic blinis
    Thiriez Agro Organic blinis
    € 5.56 € 5.10
products per page
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