Dutch magazines

Do you prefer to read Dutch magazines instead of English or Spanish ones? Dutch Expat Shop makes it possible. Order your favorite Dutch magazine or Dutch tabloid and send it to send your foreign address. This way you can everywhere and always enjoy the latest gossip and Dutch trends, in the sun, at the pool or on the balcony. Take look at our assortment down below.

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Wide range of Dutch magazines

We offer different types of children's, men's and women's Dutch magazines. A popular Dutch magazine for the younger generation is Nickelodeon magazine. This magazine is connected to the television station with the same name and is full of fun jokes and exciting comics. With the Zappelin do-book children don't get bored for a moment. Singing, tinkering, drawing, puzzling and read, this book makes it all possible. Men's Health is a popular magazine with men. This lifestyle magazine is published monthly and is all about health, fitness, sports, nutrition, weight loss, psyche and more. Top Gear should certainly not be missing from our range. You can read all about the latest trends in the field of cars here. For ladies there is plenty of choice. Do you want to read Linda abroad? Or is Libelle your favorite Dutch magazine? Interior enthusiasts can indulge themselves: Eigen huis, Wonen landelijke stijl, Landleven, what’s your favorite?

Thinking games

Making your brain work is always a good occupation. You do that by playing thinking games. Word search is a good example of this. The same goes for the well known Swedish puzzle block. Would you rather take on the challenge with numbers? Then order a Sudoku book.

Order Dutch magazines online

From fun Dutch magazines for men, women and children to challenging thinking games: Dutch Expat Shop offers it all! We have set up our assortment in such a way that everyone has enough to choose from and that you can also order several nice Dutch magazines online, so you always have a Dutch magazine nearby. Place your order today via our webshop, and we will make sure you receive your magazines as soon as possible at home, wherever in the world that may be. Do you have a question about a Dutch magazine? Feel free to contact us!