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Ordering Cécémel chocolate milk

Children love it, but even you yourself can really appreciate a hot cup of cocoa (with whipped cream!) when the weather outside is cold and bleak. At Belgian Expat Shop, you can order Cécémel chocolate milk and other brands of cocoa from Belgium. Worldwide delivery, the lowest shipping rates and the lowest prices!

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  1. Nestle Le chocolat cacao poeder
    Nestle Le chocolat cocoa powder
    € 6.97 € 6.39
  2. Nestle Nesquik plus cacao poeder mini pack
    Nestle Nesquik plus cocoa powder
    € 3.80 € 3.49
  3. Nestle Nesquik cacao poeder
    Nestle Nesquik cocoa powder
    € 5.12 € 4.70
  4. Nestle Nesquik cacao instant poeder
    Nestle Nesquik instant cocoa powder
    € 7.40 € 6.79
  5. Hemo Malt-cocoa drink
    Hemo Malt-cocoa drink
    € 6.59 € 6.05
  6. Van Houten Cocoa powder
    Van Houten Cocoa powder
    € 7.95 € 7.29
  7. Hotcemel Instant chocolate powder
    Hotcemel Instant chocolate powder
    € 4.02 € 3.69
  8. Xioco Pure chocolate sticks
    Xioco Pure chocolate sticks
    € 4.46 € 4.09
  9. Xioco Milk chocolate sticks
    Xioco Milk chocolate sticks
    € 4.46 € 4.09
  10. Ovomaltine Cacao poeder
    Ovomaltine Cocoa powder
    € 7.51 € 6.89
products per page
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Corona Virus

At this moment our Belgian assortment will not be available anymore due to the Corona virus. Also our toilet paper and baking products are out of stock!

In addition, it is currently not possible to order frozen products.

The preparation time of your order can be a bit longer than 3 BUSINESS DAYS.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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