Pickled Onions and Gherkins from Belgium

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How you have missed that typical gherkin taste! When you are living at the other end of the world, you will often crave certain products that you enjoyed so much when you were younger, such as onions and pickles from Belgium. Luckily, Belgian Expat Shop makes it possible to enjoy your favorite products anywhere in the world. Have your order shipped fast and at the lowest shipping rates to your new home!

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  1. L'etoile Pickles
    L'etoile Pickles
    € 3.59 € 3.29
  2. Bister Pickles
    Bister Pickles
    € 3.22 € 2.95
  3. Amora Augurken met vijf kruiden
    Amora Pickles with 5 spices
    € 5.44 € 4.99
  4. Sacla Tapenade zwarte olijven
    Sacla Black olives tapenade
    € 4.68 € 4.29
  5. Sacla Tapenade groene olijven
    Sacla Green olives tapenade
    € 4.68 € 4.29
  6. Sacla Tapenade gedroogde tomaten chili
    Sacla Dried tomatoes chilli tapenade
    € 4.68 € 4.29
  7. Sacla Tapenade gedroogde tomaten
    Sacla Dried tomatoes tapenade
    € 4.68 € 4.29
  8. Peppadew Pepers gevulde kaas
    Peppadew Peppers with stuffed cheese
    € 5.44 € 4.99
products per page
Grid List
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Corona Virus

At this moment our Belgian assortment will not be available anymore due to the Corona virus. Also our toilet paper and baking products are out of stock!

In addition, it is currently not possible to order frozen products.

The preparation time of your order can be a bit longer than 3 BUSINESS DAYS.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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