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Sandwich spread, fruit sprinkles, aniseed comfits

At Dutch Expat Shop, you can find anything you need for your breakfast or lunch table. From sandwich spread to fruit sprinkles and aniseed comfits, we have it. Are you looking for something not (yet) in our assortment? Do not hesitate to tell us and we will look for it. We feel very strongly about customer satisfaction!

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  1. Heinz Sandwich spread pikante groenten
    Heinz Sandwich spread spicy vegetables
    € 3.28 € 3.01
  2. Heinz Sandwich spread mediterraan
    Heinz Sandwich spread mediterranean
    € 3.40 € 3.12
  3. Heinz Sandwich spread fijne kruiden
    Heinz Sandwich spread fine herbs
    € 3.19 € 2.93
  4. Heinz Sandwich spread tomaat lente-ui
    Heinz Sandwich spread tomato with spring-onion
    € 3.26 € 2.99
  5. Heinz Sandwich spread naturel groot
    Heinz Sandwich spread natural large
    € 4.00 € 3.67
  6. Heinz Sandwich spread komkommer
    Heinz Sandwich spread cucumber
    € 3.38 € 3.10
  7. Heinz Sandwich spread naturel klein
    Heinz Sandwich spread natural small
    € 3.37 € 3.09
  8. Bolletje Shaking bellies chocolate
    Bolletje Shaking bellies chocolate
    € 2.99 € 2.74
  9. Bolletje Shaking bellies speculaas
    Bolletje Shaking bellies speculaas
    € 3.35 € 3.07
  10. Lubeck Cocos bread
    Lubeck Cocos bread
    € 2.56 € 2.35
  11. Theunisse Cocos bread extra cocos
    Theunisse Cocos bread extra cocos
    € 2.66 € 2.44
  12. Theunisse Cocos bread
    Theunisse Cocos bread
    € 3.37 € 3.09
products per page
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At this moment our Belgian assortment will not be available anymore due to the Corona virus. Also our toilet paper and baking products are out of stock!

In addition, it is currently not possible to order frozen products.

The preparation time of your order can be a bit longer than 3 BUSINESS DAYS.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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