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Dutch ice cream

At Dutch Expat Shop you will find all your favorite Belgian and Dutch ice cream that will give you that Dutch feeling again. Our wide range is competitively priced, and this also applies to our worldwide shipping costs. Our online shop is characterized by the lowest shipping costs, fast shipping and sharp monthly offers. Look at our assortment and order your favorite Dutch icecream online!

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Order Dutch ice cream

At Dutch Expat Shop we have different types of Dutch ice cream in our assortment. We understand like no other that it is nice to have a choice, which is why our assortment is very wide. Are you ready for the refreshment of Dutch ice cream? Order ice cream easily online. Would you like to crawl on the couch in the evening with one of Haagen-Dasz’s many flavors? This is no problem for Dutch Expat Shop. The different flavors of Ijsboerke ice cream are also loved by many. Another favorite is Kinder Bueno ice cream, which tastes just like the famous chocolate bar. Which one is your favorite? We’ll deliver it quickly. The different types of ice cream are currently only available within Europe.

Shipping frozen products

When ordering your favorite types of Dutch ice cream, please note that it may take a few days before your package is actually dispatched. All your selected frozen products are being carefully and professionally packed. Dutch Expact Shop packs all frozen products in special insulating tempex boxes. To ensure that the frozen products remain chilled and/or frozen for as long as possible, each tempex box is filled with dry ice. This ensures that your ice cream stays frozen for up to about 5 days. It is possible to order your frozen products in combination with your favorite regular products.

Our service

Dutch Expat Shop is the largest online supermarket for anyone living outside the Netherlands and Belgium. In our online shop you will find no less than 25,000 Dutch and Belgian products, which are not available abroad. Experience that Dutch feeling again with our products. Do you still have questions or would you like to know more about a certain product? Feel free to contact us. Our customer service staff will be happy to be of service.