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Fristi, who hasn't grown up with it? In the Netherlands and Belgium, the fruity pink milk drink is extremely popular around here. Fristi is often drunk for breakfast or as a refreshing energy boost. The fruity milk drink is the perfect combination of sweet and fresh and is extremely popular with adults and children alike. Would you like to be able to enjoy Fristi while you are abroad? That's possible! Order your products online at the Dutch Expat Shop and enjoy your cold Fristi in a heartbeat.

The beginning of the pink drink

Dairy and infant food producer Nutricia, known for Chocomel, developed a pink-coloured drink based on yogurt, fruit juice and sugar in the early fifties. The product was launched in 1955 under the brand name Fristi. The drink called Fristi is praised as a "fresh drink for our youth". The Fristi product, like Chocomel, should combine the best of milk and soft drinks: healthy and deliciously sweet. Fristi was taken over by FrieslandCampina, who only managed to make it a real success after 1986. Nevertheless, it is now a huge success and the Dutch and Belgians have been drinking their fristi with great love for years.

Fristi variants at the Dutch Expat Shop

At the Dutch Expat Shop you can get Fristi drinks in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a 6-pack or 8-pack, whether you want a bottle of fristi or whether you just want a big family pack, all these variants are available at the Dutch Expat Shop. Not only the well-known red fruit Fristi is available, we also recently added the peach variant to our assortment. Are you looking for a Fristi without sugar? We also offer this in small and large varieties at the Dutch Expat Shop.

Red Fruits for the win

The pink Fristi Red Fruit drinks taste like a combination of raspberries, strawberries and cherries. Delicious fruit tones you can taste in the drink. The pink drink also contains calcium, which is very important for growing children as it stimulates bone formation and ensures strong, non-breakable bones. Tasty and good for your health, what more could you want? Add it quickly to your shopping cart and continue shopping.

Shopping benefits at the Dutch Expat Shop

Wherever you are in the world, as the Dutch Expat Shop we guarantee you your favorite Dutch and Belgian products. If you like to ship your Fristi drink to the USA, Australia, or Finland, it is all possible. With the Dutch Expat Shop, your items are insured up to a value of 500 euro and we do everything we can to keep delivery costs as low as possible. Do you have a question about our assortment, or do you want to make a suggestion to improve it? Then fill in the contact form so that we can answer you as soon as possible!

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  1. Fristi Red fruit
    Fristi Red fruit
    € 4.40 € 4.04
  2. Fristi Red fruit sugar free
    Fristi Red fruit sugar free
    € 4.93 € 4.52
  3. Fristi Red fruit sugar free 6-pack
    Fristi Red fruit sugar free 6-pack
    € 7.89 € 7.24
  4. Fristi Red fruit 6-pack
    Fristi Red fruit 6-pack
    € 6.99 € 6.41
  5. Fristi Red fruit can
    Fristi Red fruit can
    € 2.28 € 2.09
  6. Fristi Red fruit small
    Fristi Red fruit small
    € 3.25 € 2.98
  7. Fristi Peach
    Fristi Peach
    € 5.58 € 5.12
  8. Fristi Red fruit large
    Fristi Red fruit large
    € 7.14 € 6.55
  9. Fristi Red fruit 8-pack
    Fristi Red fruit 8-pack
    € 8.99 € 8.25
  10. Fristi Red 4-pack
    Fristi Red 4-pack
    € 11.89 € 10.91
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